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Invest in good preservation of your fish

In more distant times, when we did not have electricity and other technologies, cold was the most commonly used method for food preservation. This is a care that remains until today, especially when it comes to seafood or fish in general. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the importance of ice in the preservation and maintenance of fish, shrimp, and all foods from aquaculture. 

In the following text, in addition to learning a lot of information about this subject, you will discover that investing in an ice factory is the same as investing in higher profits for your business! 

What is the importance of ice in aquaculture? 

In countries with temperate or cold climates, it is much easier to keep fish fresh. On the other hand, in tropical regions, this can be a challenging task, but one that still needs to be done! 

After all, cold temperatures slow down microbial action, preventing the deterioration of fish. In addition, ice also prevents or slows down the chemical-enzymatic reactions typical of autolysis – a process in which the organism undergoes self-digestion, deteriorating natural oils and fats. 

Thus, by using ice, you can maintain the quality of your fish and deliver a product with higher quality and better cost-benefit ratio to your customers! 

Quality ice = well-preserved fish 

The quality of ice is essential for the good preservation of your fish! Therefore, not just any ice or supplier can be chosen. 

One of the main points to be observed is potability, as the quality of water is essential to ensure a suitable material. In addition, the best ice for preserving your fish is flake ice, as this type provides the appropriate and long-lasting hypothermia necessary for this type of food. 

What is the appropriate amount of ice to preserve my fish? 

The amount of ice directly affects the quality of your fish. The ideal is to use 1 kg of ice for 4 kg of fish (provided it is small, like tilapia). For larger animals, such as tuna, the ratio can be 1:1 – 1 kg of fish to 1 kg of ice. 

In addition, ice can be used in various stages of fish preservation, from pre-cooling to keep the material fresh and maintain its natural characteristics, as well as to prevent dehydration and/or freeze it. 

Why invest in an ice factory? 

Now that you know the importance of ice to keep your fish fresh and in good condition, it’s time to think about investment. After all, what’s more worthwhile: buying ice from third parties or having your own production? 

By manufacturing your own ice, you eliminate the need for suppliers, which reduces the constant expenses involved in this process and, consequently, allows you to save extra money that can be used to invest in your own ice factory, with the appropriate size and equipment for your needs. 

And what are they? The answer to this question varies depending on the size of your business and the demand. 

Let’s say you have a fish market or seafood store: your customers want, and you know it, to buy fresh fish with guaranteed quality, right? And to ensure that they get this, it’s ideal to have an ice factory. 

After all, with your own machines, you guarantee the quality of the ice, as well as the adequate amount of material available, and in the long run, generate more savings for your company. 

Calabria’s advantages 

Now, if you have made the right decision to invest in an ice factory, you need to know Calabria’s advantages! They are many: 

  • Personalized service throughout your purchasing process; 
  • Post-sales always available; 
  • Low maintenance fees and specialized technical assistance; 
  • Machines available for immediate delivery; 
  • Easy installation and equipment handling; 
  • Financing through BNDES, Pronaf-Mais Alimentos, and others; 
  • Payment in installments up to 72x; 
  • Fast and safe transportation throughout Brazil, Latin America, and Africa! 

These advantages go beyond what meets the eye! Contact us and request your quote now! 

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