Compact equipment with the capacity to produce up to three tons of ice per day: that’s the flake ice machine! It’s ideal for use in small spaces such as bakeries, fishmongers, or markets. In addition, this type of ice is great for preserving and cooling food and beverages. Learn more below!

What are the advantages of Flake Ice Machine? 

The Flake Ice Machine is perfect for commercial or industrial use. Among the advantages of this Calabria model are the compact design, facilitating transportation and installation, and the economy in ice production due to low energy and water consumption. 


Due to its compact dimensions, Calabria’s machines stand out from other brands when it comes to space. Models that produce between one and one and a half tons of ice per day occupy a space of 1.32m in length without the silo. With the silo, which is an optional item, the average space used is 2.32m. 

Other brands on the market require at least 5.2m in length to produce the same amount of flake ice. 


The Flake Ice Machine has a low production cost due to its water reuse system. It is the only one that has this feature: all water used in the process that does not become ice can be reused in a new production. This saves up to 20%. 

Another important point is the lower electricity consumption, which is significantly reduced compared to other brands. Finally, the flake ice model has a daily yield three times higher than other equipment on the market. 

These factors directly influence operation costs and results. In addition, reduced energy consumption and water reuse are also good for the environment. 

Are ice machines safe? 

Calabria’s ice machines are quite safe. The sides are surrounded by perforated grilles to prevent accidents, and the electrical panel is automated. They have a safety system for electrical overloads and a sounding alarm that activates when a component is not working correctly, which immediately shuts down the equipment. 

Regarding the ice produced, no salt is used in the production, ensuring the customer’s safety, making it suitable for both human consumption and storage and contact with beverages and food. 

Functional and practical model: 

The Flake Ice Machine produces from 500kg to 3 tons of ice per day and works by automatic cutting and release of ice. To further optimize the process, the machines have unique features that make them practical and functional: 

Identified and easy-to-operate control panel; 

PLC control system (Programmable Logic Controller); 

Use halogenated fluid; 

Low noise level; 

Anti-spill system during defrosting; 

Coupled condensing unit; 

Frequency inverter; 

Semi-hermetic compressors; 

304 stainless steel structure (ice maker, water tank, and water pump); 

Epoxy paint in white; 

Use charcoal for water filtration; 

Have an insulated silo. 

What is the value of Calabria’s Flake Ice Machine? 

The Flake Ice Machines are nationally manufactured and accredited by the Mais Alimentos Program, BNDES, and BNDES Card, making it easier to acquire. However, the exact value of the equipment can only be determined after analysis by the Calabria team, which evaluates factors such as the daily ice production needed for your business, as well as installation and transportation. 

The machines are automated and do not require monitoring during operation. However, for any problems that may occur, the products have specialized technical assistance and a one-year factory warranty. 

In addition, the first setup and operation training are performed by our technicians, who also provide all the advice for adapting the equipment to your space. This ensures the best operation for your industry or commerce! 

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