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Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração
Calabria Refrigeration Industry

Calabria Refrigeration Industry started its activities in 1973, in the city of Farroupilha – Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. Initially, the family-owned company operated only in the industrial and commercial refrigeration segment, providing maintenance and technical consulting services for equipment, adapting to the needs of different business models.

As a result of this accumulated experience over almost 50 years, today Calabria is a manufacturer of refrigeration equipment with excellence. Thanks to this, we are present in all Brazilian states, providing quality products with 100% national production!

Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração

The history of Calabria is based on the knowledge of its founder, Mr. Itacir Calabria, in the industrial refrigeration field. From the patriarch’s experience, the company sought to chart new courses.

With a differentiated market vision and the goal of meeting some regional needs, Calabria turned to the installation of refrigeration equipment in the industrial line, as well as the manufacture of cold and frozen storage rooms. Then came the tube and flake ice machines and ice packaging equipment. The family-owned company always prides itself on the quality of its projects, good customer service, and efficiency in delivering its products.

Present in
Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração
All Brazil

Located in the Serra Gaúcha region, Calabria Refrigeration Industry serves customers throughout Brazil. With a specialized team, the company maintains constant monitoring of product quality, which is 100% nationally produced. In addition, it values ​​differentiated customer service and respect for the environment.

Factors such as energy waste, planet pollution, and safety concerns for those who operate the equipment receive special attention. All of this is focused on sustainable development and complete customer satisfaction.

Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração


To efficiently and qualitatively provide the customer with a product suitable for their needs.

Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração

Gradual and responsible company growth, focusing on customer satisfaction.

Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração

Work, agility, attention to the customer, dedication, integrity, and concern for the environment.

Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração
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