A silo for storing flake ice serves to store production, preventing it from deteriorating or melting, thus ensuring preservation. The Calabria flake ice silos meet all the standards required by competent authorities and are ideal for storing ice with safety and practicality. Learn more about silos!

What is an ice silo? 

An ice silo is a storage container for ice manufactured by Refrigeração Calabria, designed to preserve the properties of the ice for industrial and/or commercial use. It is made of zinc-coated steel, allowing the silo to be easily moved using a forklift, pallet jack, or hand truck. 

The Refrigeração Calabria ice flaker silo also features an exclusive water drainage system, a rotating door that can open to the left or right, and allows the 500 kg/day ice flaker machine to be attached to the silo, saving space and speeding up ice production. 

What is the cost of Calabria silos? 

The silos are 100% locally manufactured by Refrigeração Calabria, a company that is a reference when it comes to developing refrigeration solutions for different industries. They also offer several financing options, making it easier to acquire their products. 

More Food, BNDES, Proger, Leasing, CDB, and BNDES Card are the main credit lines available for purchasing the silo, as well as Calabria’s ice tube and flaker machines, packaging machine, and cold storage room. However, the exact price of the equipment can only be determined after the responsible technician analyzes the specific needs and characteristics of each business, such as the daily ice production and the transportation to the delivery location. 

All of our refrigeration solutions are fully automated and do not require monitoring during operation. However, for any problems that may arise, the equipment comes with specialized technical assistance and a one-year factory warranty. This ensures the best operation for your industry or business! 

Ice flaker silo 

The ice flaker silo is more suitable for bulk ice storage. It is composed of a thermal insulation system with 10 cm thick isopanels, made of expanded polystyrene with an EPS insulating core. 

It is a useful and efficient equipment for ice storage, and its internal volume can hold up to 1,600 liters. Although it is dimensioned and designed to store bulk ice, it has the capacity to hold up to: 96 bags of 3kg; 85 bags of 5 kg; or 75 bags of 7 kg, when packaged. However, these are approximate numbers and may vary depending on the package size. 

Main features: 

• Zinc-coated steel base, facilitating movement with a forklift, pallet jack, or hand truck; 

• Minimum MEA of 15kg/m³, with a double-faced coating in white chromed steel plate; 

• Insulating number fit in a trapezoidal shape, ensuring perfect tightness and preventing leaks; 

• Exclusive water drainage system; 

• Internal panel joints with Sincaflex adhesive, ideal for low temperatures; 

• 60 cm x 60 cm rotating door, opening to the left or right, with block locking and magnetic gasket sealing; 

• External dimensions: 193 cm x 115 cm x 120 cm; 

• Internal dimensions: 172 cm x 95 cm x 100 cm. 

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