PVC curtains are custom-made and ideal for locations that require thermal insulation, assembly areas, spraying, warehouses, or even for access doors. This accessory prevents temperature loss in refrigerated environments, as well as the entry of dust, dirt, gases, smoke, and other airborne contaminants. Learn more!

What is a PVC Curtain? 

PVC curtains are the most effective method to reduce heat loss or retain refrigerated air in areas where environmental control is important. They are easy to install and cost-effective. 

Their PVC strips are flexible and transparent, with a width of 20 cm and unlimited in length, making them adaptable to the needs of your business or industry. Each strip is 2 mm thick and can withstand temperatures of up to -35°C. 

Where is a PVC Curtain Used? 

There are two types of PVC curtains, one for common use and one for refrigerated environments. Quite versatile, they can be used for a variety of applications, such as: 

External entrances – usually with heavy traffic; 

Internal entrances – usually with pedestrian traffic; 

Mobile or fixed welding booths; 

Exit booths for dust or spray barriers; 

Temperature controllers; 

Temporary or permanent divisions. 

Common Use PVC Curtain: 

PVC strip curtains are perfect for most applications, such as loading and receiving doors, conveyor openings, room dividers, assembly lines, etc. 

How is a PVC Curtain Installed? 

All models from Calabria have a stainless steel suspension system, which is the most popular and versatile available. As a result, it is also the simplest and fastest for installation suspension. 

PVC curtains are perfect for most applications, with features designed according to each customer’s needs. They are fixed with a galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel track and profile structure, from which the transparent and flexible strips descend. 

What is the Cost of a PVC Curtain? 

It is not possible to determine the exact cost of the equipment in advance. This can only be done after an analysis by the Refrigeração Calabria team, who evaluate factors such as the ideal curtain model, the best size for the PVC strips, among others. 

When purchasing any product from Calabria, you have access to specialized assistance and warranty for any damages that may occur. Our technicians provide all necessary advice to adapt the PVC curtain to your space. Thus, we ensure the best performance for your industry or business! 

Another important point is that, despite being compact, Calabria’s ice machines have a production capacity three times higher when compared to other brands. Machines that produce up to 1.5 tons per day take up 1.32 meters, while competitors need at least 5.2 meters to produce the same amount of ice. 

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