Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração
Calabria Refrigeration

Calabria started its activities in 1973 in Farroupilha, RS. Initially, the company operated only in the industrial and commercial refrigeration segment, providing maintenance and consulting services for equipment, adapting to the needs of its customers. Today, it manufactures refrigeration equipment with excellence and is present in all Brazilian states, being a 100% national company!

Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração

Calabria’s equipment has some features that make them the best options in the refrigeration segment. Firstly, the machines do not use salt in the ice production, which makes the product potable and safe for consumption, allowing it to be in contact with food, beverages, and other inputs.


Due to its compact dimensions, Calabria’s machines stand out from other brands when it comes to space. Models that produce between one and one and a half tons of ice per day occupy a space of 1.32m in length without the silo. With the silo, which is an optional item, the average space used is 2.32m. 

Other brands on the market require at least 5.2m in length to produce the same amount of flake ice. 

Calabria Indústria de Refrigeração

The Flake Ice Machine has a low production cost due to its water reuse system. It is the only one that has this feature: all water used in the process that does not become ice can be reused in a new production. This saves up to 20%.

Another important point is the lower electricity consumption, which is significantly reduced compared to other brands. Finally, the flake ice model has a daily yield three times higher than other equipment on the market.

These factors directly influence operation costs and results. In addition, reduced energy consumption and water reuse are also good for the environment.

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